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Story Development Workshops

Our workshops are designed to support alumnae as they discover their voices. These are collaborative events focused on sparking a new view and sharing proven practices anyone can use to complete a story. The intention is that the stories created will be made public somehow – with INSPIRE or elsewhere.

INSPIRE’s goal is to have every alumna share a story. The power of storytelling brings us together and lets us know one another on a deeper level. It is transformative and empowering to find language that articulates an experience, no matter how brief or prolonged. We are creating a space for many different narratives, including those that may be difficult, unpopular, or painful.

Why Join Us

We could be cheeky and ask, “Why not?” 

We’ve been at this a while. Our community thrives when we create together. Whether it is one-on-one or in a group. No matter how trite it sounds, sharing lessens the load each and every time. 

This program is designed to spark curiosity and contribution. Come inspire others through your experience. 

Come Play

We’re committed to create a space for alumnae to share our collective stories. Let us know how you would like to engage with us. We look forward to having you!

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