Inspire – Women of Dartmouth Stories


Two Pieces of Advice for Women at Dartmouth

Carol Gieg, D’79, offers some advice and shares a poem that she wrote about her husband’s health struggles. First of all, quench your thirst for knowledge throughout your life. Secondly, discover and nourish your “passion.” That is, an activity which, when immersed in it, you lose sense of time and place. The piece is completed, …

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Black Chinese relations: the story of my family, one of the oldest Chinese families in Texas

Shannon Prince, D’09, an attorney, legal commentator, speaker, and author who practices complex litigation and dispute resolution in a variety of areas. When she’s not working, she spends time doing fancy shawl powwow dance, Native American beadwork, and yoga. Her family comes from the first generation of Chinese Americans – her ascendant left Hong Kong to build the railroad, married a freed slave-woman, and fathered one of the oldest Chinese families in Texas. Grandfather Lee was a leader in the first Chinese Texan community, and he firmly upheld an anti-racist ethos. At this time of racial tension, Shannon wants to share his inspiring vision for what he dreamt of our community being.