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Taking Off the Veil of Perfection

Lauren Balukjian ’06 shares her vulnerable story about finding self-acceptance after an unexpected heartbreak.

Lauren learned that for most of her life, her self-worth was validated by her achievements causing her to keep pushing, perfecting, and performing at all costs. It wasn’t until she let go of this perfectionistic, people-pleasing mindset that she learned to trust her TRUE worth.

6 thoughts on “Taking Off the Veil of Perfection”

  1. Elizabeth Nessa Flax

    Lauren ~ Your video was absolutely perfect, because you let go of your vision of perfection 🙂 Your simple, direct, heartfelt words radiated from your being. It’s so interesting to me that regardless of age, getting to the stage of valuing one’s own worth is a struggle every woman I know has been through. I feel you have gotten there at a much younger age than most women of my generation ~ I’m 70. This makes me deeply happy for you. You have so many more years ahead to create your life from this strong and aware place. Thank you for your genuine storytelling.
    E. Nessa Flax ’76

  2. It takes at least into our 30s to know who we are and listen to our own voice. I too married an unfaithful Dartmouth man and that was the beginning of my awakening! Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  3. Lauren! So beautiful. Thank you! What a gift you’re giving to facilitate this kind of vulnerable conversation for a community of women who can likely relate to being valued for their drive and their accomplishments. We’ll all be so much more free when we can rest in and relate from our enoughness. Looking forward to connecting with everyone tomorrow.

  4. Lauren, thank you for your honesty, your authenticity and your inspiration! Beauty, as I see you, is from within and encompasses all components of your true being! I only wish that I were in your “place” right now, as I am in the trenches of where you described you have been. Struggles make us stronger, but the journey is so scary and difficult and LONELY!! Thank you!

  5. Lauren – WOW! Your video drew me in, gave me chills, and brought me such joy, as I listened to your raw words of truth and acceptance. Among other things, I am a mom of four, and a successful business woman, and followed all these things that Dartmouth and society told me to do for years. It is only now as I approach age 50 that I am starting to realize that it is ok to just be yourself and find the inner peace. Amen to all that you said! Thank you for making my night! I felt like I was back at Dartmouth listening to the strong women in my sorority.

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