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Never Say No

Jackie Kaiko ’78 truly defines what it means to be a global citizen, as she actively works within groups who promote the power and passion of women, embracing the positive ways in which Dartmouth has changed since she graduated

10 thoughts on “Never Say No”

  1. I enjoyed this interview so much! Thanks for sharing your story, and your advice about truth and political awareness is more important than ever right now!

  2. Anne Bagamery '78

    Who would have thought a school with a 3:1 ratio of men to women would produce such powerful sisterhood? Well, the early women of Dartmouth would! Brava, Jackie Kaiko, for this inspiring message!

  3. Carol McKey Harrington '78

    Jackie, Congratulations on all that you have accomplished. Having known you at Dartmouth and roomed with you in your early days in NYC, I am not surprised that you were able to navigate your career with such intelligence and determination. How wonderful that upon your retirement, you are now taking your life experiences and seizing the opportunity to give back and to inspire others in a meaningful way. As a fellow ’78, I am very proud.

  4. Jackie Kaiko is a hero. She doesn’t just talk about empowering women and defending our democracy, she does the work to make it happen. I met Jackie in 2018 when I was a novice political candidate challenging an entrenched male incumbent. Jackie not only helped me get elected, she helped me get re-elected in 2020, by making phone calls and talking to hundreds of people. Talking to our fellow citizens about issues and advocating for democracy and equality takes courage. Jackie does this every day – with enthusiasm! That makes her both an inspiration and a hero.

  5. Re: Senator Kasser’s post: yes, believe it or not, I made something like 4000 phone calls to voters in her district in the final weeks of her 2020 CT State Senate reelection campaign. It wasn’t so hard! Alex had done a fantastic job in her first term! And now in the very last days of the CT state legislative term, Governor Lamont is about to sign her bill, “Jennifers’ Law”. This bill will REVOLUTIONIZE protection for victims of domestic abuse in CT! Alex, CT women thank you for your bravery, hard work and dedication! BRAVA!!

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