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From Dartmouth to Tribal Council President

Growing up in the village of Igiugig in the Bristol Bay region of southwestern Alaska, home to about 70 tribal members, Salmon was always the only student in her grade. She spent happy days at the feet of elders, soaking up language and traditions. Now, drawing on her many-faceted Dartmouth experience, she’s documenting the history of her Native community and leading it into the future. 

As tribal council president, Salmon is helping to launch eco-friendly tribal businesses. She’s also fostering language restoration and overseeing the construction of a cultural center. “We’re breaking the mold in every direction as a tribe, and it’s so fascinating,” Salmon tells host Jennifer Avellino ’89. “Dartmouth set me up for a lifetime, including serving as president of an entire nation. It is the smallest, probably, in the world, but at least it can serve as a model for possibilities.” 

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Shared with permission of Dartmouth and Jennifer Avellino, host of the 50 for 50 Storytelling Project. Click here to learn more about the Project and to listen to all of the episodes.

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