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Food, Friends, and Dartmouth

When Victoria Li first left New York City to attend Dartmouth, she felt a little lost. She missed her close-knit Asian-American family and their bustling restaurant. 

Inspired by her family’s love of food, she found comfort in serving falafel sandwiches from a campus food truck, founding a club that hosted food tastings on campus, and even washing dishes in the dining hall. Following graduation, Li landed in hospitality, but then took a different path to become Learning & Development Manager at L.E.K. Consulting. She co-chairs Mosaic@LEK, an employer resource group for individuals who identify as racial and ethnic minorities.

She started a podcast recounting her experiences attending Bronx Science, a well-known school in New York City, and she’s a contestant in Miss Chinese Chicago. Li traces fascinating twists and turns in her rising career.

Click below to listen to Victoria’s episode.

Shared with permission of Dartmouth and Jennifer Avellino, host of the 50 for 50 Storytelling Project. Click here to learn more about the Project and to listen to all of the episodes.

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