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Finding a Healthy Balance

Diksha Gautham ’15 shares her intimate and inspirational story about balancing body image, fitness, and career

Diksha embarked on an unexpected journey in both exploring her creative entrepreneurial side and finding a healthy balance between body image and fitness. Her story shares her intimate discovery of personal power and inspires other women to take courageous acts.

11 thoughts on “Finding a Healthy Balance”

  1. Your candor and self-awareness are so inspiring! It’s great to hear the story of another SF-based Woman of Dartmouth who has followed an entrepreneurial path, and who has found a way to blend seemingly disparate parts of life (math and intuition!) into a rewarding life and career. Could you share a link for your business so I can learn more about it?

  2. Diksha, your are an inspiration to all Dartmouth women. What a story! And you are still so young with so much ahead of you. I wish I had your wisdom so early out of college. Stay true to your path! Thanks for sharing! I am almost 30 years out of Dartmouth and wish I had the energy you have to make a difference in the world!

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