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Exploring Cultural Heritage through Cuisine

Selassie Atadika ’98 has two lifelong passions: world travel and food.  

She honed in on those passions at Dartmouth, majoring in geography modified with environmental studies—while always maintaining her lifelong love of food. After graduation, she became a globe-trotting, internationally acclaimed chef renowned for her plant-based African recipes.  And spending a decade working for the United Nations, she became what she calls a “food ambassador.”  

A founding member of Trio Toque, the first nomadic restaurant in Dakar, Senegal, Selassie went on to launch Midunu (which means, in Ewe, “let’s eat”), a nomadic dining concept featuring what she calls New African Cuisine. When Covid temporarily closed the restaurant doors, she launched an offshoot, Midunu Chocolates. For Atadika, sustainably grown foods packed with bold flavors and exotic spices tells the story of an entire continent.  

Click below to listen to Selassie’s episode.

Shared with permission of Dartmouth and Jennifer Avellino, host of the 50 for 50 Storytelling Project. Click here to learn more about the Project and to listen to all of the episodes.

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