Inspire – Women of Dartmouth Stories

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Open Invitation to Alumnae

We welcome each and every alumna to participate. Whether you want to share a life anecdote, submit an original piece of work, or facilitate an interview, we accept submissions in multiple formats. You can share your passion and story any way you want!

The only challenge is to be honest, open, and yourself. A story doesn’t have to be about one woman nor does it need to center around your time at Dartmouth nor does it need to mention Dartmouth at all. The intention is to build community, strengthen ties, and reflect around our experiences and identities. We are out to make a difference in the lives of generations to come.

Get Started

We find alumnae fall into one of two categories: (1) those who are ready to submit and (2) those who request additional support to craft a story or idea. 

For yourself and for the other women you will empower by sharing your story – take a moment and complete the “Submit a Story” form. It is designed to support you no matter which category you fall into. 

  • Fill out this “Submit a Story” Form
  • Be specific about the interests or ideas you are exploring
  • An INSPIRE volunteer will contact you and set you up for success



You may use any medium you wish: written word, video, artwork, audio file, or photos.

The content can consist of anything that expresses your passion. Submissions have included short stories, essays, poems, panel discussions, interviews, themed montages and even portfolio pieces. The only limit is your imagination. All forms of self-expression are welcome and encouraged.

Though a story can be any length or construct that makes sense, here are some suggestions for readability:

  • Essays should be less than ~500 words
  • Photo Essays should be under ~20 images
  • Audio and Video files ~2-7 minutes in length unless it is a webinar or group discussion
  • Include 1-3 photos or images as the potential thumbnail or for inclusion in the story detail
Below are some brainstorming questions to get you thinking, but do not feel bound to them or feel the need to answer them all.
  • How has being a woman of Dartmouth informed your life perspective? Or life choices?
  • What were some of your best moments at Dartmouth, or some of your most challenging? 
  • How are you different, then and now?
  • What would you say you least expected about being a woman in the world?
  • What do you think is the young woman’s greatest challenge today?
  • What are some of your challenges today?
  • Is there anything about your community you would want to share?
  • What advice would you give a college-bound woman today?
  • What has been your journey as a woman?
  • What’s an early memory about being a girl? 
  • What advice would you give your younger self? How are you different today? 
  • Did you have a mentor or influential person in your life (male or female)? Share a little bit about them.
  • What did you think about being a girl/woman when you were younger, your hopes or dreams, and how is that the same/different now?
DIY Guide to Shooting Your Own INSPIRE Video:

Recording your own video is an easy and straightforward process. INSPIRE does not require videos nor professional caliber footage. What matters most is clear audio and great lighting. See below for a step-by-step DIY guide.

You can use any of the following items to create your recording:
Smartphone, DSLR, or Video Camera
Computer using Zoom or Websharing Video Tool


Microphone (lavalier)
Lighting and tripod (selfie ring light and tripod stand will suffice)

Helpful hints:

  1. Remember to introduce yourself: your name, your class.
  2. Write down your thoughts/answers to the reflection questions before you shoot to help form what you want to say.
  3. Find a space where you feel comfortable and/or inspired to shoot. Look for natural light that fills your space or set up your ring light/tripod.
  4. Grab a friend or family member to sit next to the lens if you can. Give them your questions or notes and have them prompt you. OR set up a Zoom-kind of production or Webcam (see stories by Cheryl Bascomb and Diksha Gautham).
  5. Make sure you check that your background looks good. Objects that reveal something about your personality are welcome, but avoid having any “plants growing out of your head” and be sure to put away any unsightly household items.
  6. Allow yourself to breathe, be in the moment, sit up straight, and just be yourself!
  7. Try to keep your video between ~2-7 minutes OR let us know if you want to submit footage that needs editing and we will try to find help.