Inspire – Women of Dartmouth Stories

Attend INSPIRE Rounds

What are Inspire Rounds?

Rounds are an opportunity for Women of Dartmouth (WD) to come together, empower each other, and connect through the power of story. 

Who’s Invited to Rounds?

Any Dartmouth women alum* who is interested in connecting with other women in a meaningful and authentic way.

Why You Should Attend

Hearing one woman’s story unlocks the truth within ourselves. This builds a ripple effect of inspiration and empowerment.

What to Expect

Rounds take place on Zoom. Each Round features an Inspire Story and related theme. Before we meet, please watch/read/listen to the featured INSPIRE story.

General Overview of Round Agenda:

  • Arrival / Welcome
  • Featured Storyteller(s)
  • Breakout Room Discussion
  • Group Discussion
  • Closing
The Real Value in Attending

A realization that you’re not alone and that being a part of the WD community gives you a safe space to show up and be real.  

Our mission is to create a sense of true connection and belonging that focuses on real challenges and opportunities women face such as people pleasing, self-doubt, perfectionism, pushing ourselves, empowerment, or living a powerful life. 

As we see other women let their guard down and share what’s real, we give ourselves permission to do the same, feel confident in our voices, and inspire others.

*Women of Dartmouth celebrates the diversity of the alumnae body and is inclusive of alums of many gender identities and expressions. Our community and programming are women-centered and welcome all who could benefit, including trans women, cis women, and non-binary and gender non-conforming people, and those who might otherwise be marginalized.