Inspire – Women of Dartmouth Stories

INSPIRE: Women of Dartmouth Stories

INSPIRE explores how we live. We share stories that deepen our understanding of common human experiences, all drawn from the Dartmouth community. 

This storytelling program is organized by the Women of Dartmouth* (WD) for and by alumnae. Our team identifies, collects, produces and publishes alumnae stories that are accessible to the entire Dartmouth community and beyond.

Our mission is to promote the transformative nature of storytelling and to empower alumnae to create and share their own stories. Founded in 2019, INSPIRE explores all forms of stories, in all kinds of media, from print to performance.

We believe we can create social change as well as enrich lives through the act of storytelling. INSPIRE is dedicated to creating a space for many different narratives, including those that may be difficult, unpopular or painful. 

This program is designed to spark curiosity, connection, support and contribution. It is also our hope that this framework serves to address challenges women have faced throughout life, including how they’ve overcome them.

Our audacious goal is 200 stories by the year 2022 as we celebrate 50 Years of Coeducation.



Bernardine Wu ‘90, Co-Chair INSPIRE & Chair Emerita, Women of Dartmouth 

Vanessa Ferro Paster ‘00, Co-Chair, INSPIRE

Story Development
Gayle Gilman ’85
Sharon Ayer TDI ’13
Katherine McCreery ’19
Sarah Ries ’04
Alumnae Outreach
Pamela Wheeler ’89
Irene Zhang Th’15
Content Management & Publication
Shawn Gayner ’20
Marketing & Communications
Melanie S Pettigrew-Lee ’97
Lauren Balukijian ’06

Special thanks to:

Jennifer Bransford ’90
Julie Davis ’90
Nicole Latimer ’90
Lisa Overton ’93
Hilary Richards ’91
Samantha Schlumberger ’94
Michele Lamberti ’97, Chair, Women of Dartmouth
Amanda Rosenblum ’07, Vice Chair, Women of Dartmouth
Lisa Cloitre ’94 Tu ’02, Chair Emerita, Women of Dartmouth
Meg Sommerfeld ’90, Chair Emerita, Women of Dartmouth
Cheryl Bascomb ’82, VP Alumni Relationships, Dartmouth College
Lisa Caldeira ’07, Asst. Director of Communities, Dartmouth College

Coralie Clonch ’14
Victoria Li ’16

Dale Li ’18
Tiffany Dyson ’18

Adrie Luster ’22, Intern
Will Maddox, Intern
Madeline Matson, Intern
Mariel Gordon ’21, Intern
Katie Forman ’21, Intern
Julie Void ’23, Intern
Elizabeth Ding ’24, Intern

…and the many storytellers and contributors!


*Women of Dartmouth celebrates the diversity of the alumnae body and is inclusive of alums of many gender identities and expressions. Our community and programming are women-centered and welcome all who could benefit, including trans women, cis women, and non-binary and gender non-conforming people, and those who might otherwise be marginalized.